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We are creative and tenacious investigators. At the outset of an investigation, we work with our client to develop a strategy—both effective and cost-efficient—for getting to the bottom of the problem. Whether the investigation is an internal corporate investigation involving possible criminal acts by employees or fraud on the company, or a civil investigation involving harassment or discrimination, we are thorough, discreet, and sensitive to the client’s needs.

Grand Jury Investigations

Grand juries investigate possible criminal offenses. Prosecutors who conduct grand-jury investigations typically use grand-jury subpoenas to compel production of documents and to require witnesses to testify. During a grand-jury investigation, prosecutors and law-enforcement officers also seek to obtain evidence in other ways, such as by executing search warrants and by interviewing witnesses. Founding partner Julie Porter, who served as a federal criminal prosecutor in Chicago for over 12 years, handles the firm’s grand-jury investigations. Drawing on her deep expertise in this area, Ms. Porter represents individuals and companies at all stages of a grand-jury investigation.

Internal Corporate Investigations

When company employees cross the line and engage in misconduct, there is much at stake—not just for that employee, but also for the company. Particularly when the misconduct at issue could constitute a federal crime, it is imperative for the company to approach the matter cautiously and strategically. The Department of Justice and federal government regulators like the Securities and Exchange Commission have strict rules and high expectations about how companies should respond in this situation. We understand how the government evaluates these matters. We are careful investigators and strategic thinkers who will work to help companies understand their options and—efficiently and discreetly—conduct whatever investigation is appropriate under the circumstances.

Words from our clients

Several years ago I was looking for help in a case against my employer and union, I found Sarah Prescott. Miss Prescott is an Attorney you want on your side. She will cower to no one! Her professional representation and commitment is like no other. She does not give up. Had it not been for Sarah I would haven given up. Can’t thank her enough for her representation in my cases. Glad she was on my side.