Title IX

Title IX of the Education Amendments is a federal law that applies broadly to prohibit gender discrimination of all sorts at educational institutions that receive federal funds. If you are a student or employee of a school that receives federal funds and are experiencing sex discrimination of any sort, you may have a Title IX claim. Recently, the Department of Education has taken a more expansive and aggressive approach to Title IX enforcement, particularly as it applies to sexual misconduct and sexual harassment issues on college campuses and in primary and secondary schools. Salvatore Prescott & Porter lawyers have particular expertise in this area, have handled sex assault cases nationwide, and have spoken and written on Title IX compliance. If you are experiencing sex discrimination or have been retaliated against after bringing forward concerns about sex discrimination or sexual misconduct on campus, contact us.

Representing Students

Salvatore Prescott & Porter attorneys represent and advise students regarding disciplinary issues and internal administrative processes, in administrative complaints before the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights, and in federal court litigation. If you are a student who has been subjected to discrimination at school or you have other legal issues and want help understanding your rights and navigating processes, we may be able to help.

Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment in Schools

If schools don’t respond promptly, equitably and appropriately to complaints of sexual harassment or sexual assault on campus, their inadequate response can subject them to Title IX liability. Salvatore Prescott & Porter attorneys are doing significant work in this area for clients in Michigan, Illinois, and other states. If you have been the victim of sexual assault or sexual harassment and need help navigating your school’s reporting processes or making sure that your education is not harmed or you’re not retaliated against for reporting, we can help. We have represented numerous victims of sexual misconduct to ensure that their legal rights are protected and their educational experience is not derailed as a result of sexual assault.  We have also sued and brought federal administrative complaints against colleges and universities for their inadequate responses to sexual assault complaints. This is a cutting-edge and evolving area of the law that requires experience.

Trainings and Internal Investigations for School Districts

We provide training for school districts, including administrators, staff and students, on Title IX compliance. In addition, we work as outside investigators for schools on sexual harassment, sexual assault and other sensitive investigations. Sarah Prescott is a School Board Member for the Northville School District and Jennifer Salvatore has worked on education reform issues throughout her career. We have a unique perspective on the multitude of issues facing schools. If you would like to talk about our training or investigative services, please call us.